Get Ready!

At City on a Hill Church we believe in having events that encourage unity with our congregation, communities, families and friends. Our events our always changing so we invite you to come back to see what exciting new things are happening here at City On A Hill Church. So don't be shy, come on out and get plugged in and experience God's word like never before. 

A Word From Our Pastor

The world, our city, is in need of the gospel now more than ever before.This is a great opportunity for the church to rise up and teach the word of God, preach hope and salvation. Healing is what draws people in. people were attracted to Jesus because He spoke with authority, His eyes looked on people with compssion, and He gave no place to the devil or anything from this sinful world.

We are in a blessed City, a blessed state and live in a blessed nation all because we trust in God and put Him first! This is our finest hour church and we want to encourage you to continue to give, we are continuing to preach the gospel, pray for the sick and help others.

We have four ways to give at City On A Hill Church:

1.) Come and drop it off in person at 3902 Cochran, Houston, Tx 77009

2.) Mail it to 3902 Cochran, Houston, Tx 77009

3.) go to our website and click donate, this will route you to paypal

4.) This is our text to give, just text to give 3615299285


We Believe at City On A Hill Church that this is our greatest moment to be that CITY ON A HILL!!!

3902 Cochran St, Houston, TX 77009, USA


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